MadPlayer again

After a space of almost a year I’ve got my madplayer back from a friend who borrowed it and never used it. I first bought mine when a friend recommended it to me as a really useful device for when you’ve run out of ideas and need some inspiration.

It is a very unusual device in that It creates music in a sort of random manner. You select a musical style, then press play, and it generates a piece of music in that style.

You can then drop down into any part of the piece and change the instrumentation and the part itself. You can add samples as well. The files it generates can be exported as MIDI to a smartmedia card.

The device also works as an MP3 player, FM radio and recorder.

They don’t make these any more but you can still find them on eBay occasionally for about £50 or thereabouts.

If you check their website you’ll find that they plan to issue a Java based version. This perhaps might be usable on a palm or pocket pc? Who knows. I’ve been keeping an eye out, but nothing for a while now.

Now that I’ve got mine back I can’t decide if I should get rid of it or not. I kind of want to keep it, but if I’m honest I know it won’t really get used.

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