miniMIXA V3: Interesting comments …

There’s been an interesting exchange of comments on Tim Cole’s blog regarding the forthcoming V3 release of miniMIXA. It looks like the app is really moving from strength to strength.

Here’s the Q&A exchange:

Q … so does this mean that miniMIXA now can be used like a “lite” multitrack recorder to pull basic demo song ideas together on the move?

A … Yes, V3 will allow that. It is not a sequencer (yet!) though, bu t it is still handy for jamming some cool ideas in the moment when you just have your phone with you.

Q … When can I start using miniMIXA as an mobile guitar FX unit? Surely that can’t be too difficult now, with recording changes? You’ve had the FX unit stuff since V2, right? Then I’d just need a buffered 1/4 inch jack input on my PDA. That would be *too cool*!!!

A … Well, you should also be able to have a bit of fun with that in V3. But, don’t expect your mobile device to have audio latency better than 50-100ms, so it is still worth investing in a MicroBr

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