Mobile Studio: Palm OS4: MelodyPad

I think I did use this app for a while, but not too long. It looks nice, and has a MIDI import / export (which is great if you own a PC) but it hasn’t been maintained sadly. It would have been nice if it was.

This is what PalmGear says about the app:

“MelodyPad is a musical application for Palm(TM) handheld devices for playing, creating, editing and storing songs or melodies on the handheld. You can simply use MelodyPad as a pocket keyboard, or record songs and melodies as you play. Powerful editing features allow you to capture all nuances and make the melody exactly the way you want it. Complete documentation is included. A conduit to download MelodyPad songs and MIDI export will be available soon. Please see product website for MIDI samples.
Updated Description:

1.0 (1/02/02) – In this update, a conduit to download MelodyPad files from the the handheld to a PC has been added, along with a utility for generating MIDI files from the downloaded MelodyPad files. Please see the README.TXT files in the zip for details.”

One thought on “Mobile Studio: Palm OS4: MelodyPad”

  1. Hi! I am the author of this app MelodyPad. It is true that I have not kept the app current with latest device versions. Did you stop using the app because of lack of device support, or features?– Girish Kulkarnigirish_kulkarni88 at yahoo dot com


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