Retro: Akai U5 Professional Trackman (4-track) !

I’ve no idea how this worked, but it claims to be a 4-track walkman device. I’ve never seen one, but who knows, maybe it was for real?

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miniMIXA X-Y Pad update

More on the upcoming X-Y Pad feature for miniMIXA from the Colartz Blog

“The XY pad (seen in the YouTube video clip) is only available for the filter unit within the FXM Editor. It is really still beta as it takes a little while to load – but it is great fun. The powerful FXM Editor for advanced users may continue to be included within miniMIXA++, or made available separately as an add-on.”

MiniMusic in Education in the UK

Here’s a great story about miniMusic apps being used in education in the UK.

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Handheld Education 2007

I like the idea of handhelds being used in schools and I know that miniMusic have been involved heavily in the US in education programmes using their software.

I think that children would really benefit from the use of these kind of applications in education, lets hope that conferences and exhibitions like this make it possible.

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Still potential for iPhone 3rd party apps?

Mac Rumors and other mac sites have picked up this comment from an Apple shareholder meeting:

“One additional tidbit from Apple’s shareholder meeting notes was a revealing blurb that Apple still hadn’t completely decided whether or not they will open the iPhone to 3rd party developers.

Jobs did acknowledge that the company is still struggling to decide if third-party developers will be able to create software that will run on the iPhone. It’s a decision Apple “is wrestling with,” according to Jobs.”

This could be good news if they do allow 3rd party apps.

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