OT: iPhone runs FCP6 !!

This story comes from MyiPhone.com and shows Walter Biscardi and Peter Wiggins getting FCP6 to run on a prototype iPhone. Click on the title to check out the whole article.

So, what does this mean? Well, if it is true, it means that there could be a world of application software available for iPhone users in the future. If it isn’t true, then that’s a shame…

Pacemaker DJ Device: 1st email

I registered for info on the pacemaker site, and here’s what I got:

Thanks for your interest in Pacemaker!

Really, who thought it would be possible to shrink a professional DJ system to a size no larger than a peanut butter jelly sandwich? Well, we’re here. Pacemaker is the world’s first pocket-size DJ system!

You already know about the 120 GB, the SNR 103, the bend, pitch, cue, loop, EQ and sound-FX functionality, the separate line-out and headphones crossfaders, the separate line-out and headphones jacks and the two independent channels controlled via the same one interface – all elegantly wrapped in a peanut butter jelly sandwich, only prettier!

The news are that we’re well under way and really excited about the developments within our beta community prototype! (Perhaps we can invite you to come test it and help us develop our community concept?) Also, our absolutely free downloadable Mac and PC compatible computer client, enabling advanced and user friendly offline mixing, is getting ready for beta release, and we’ll shortly be able to make public our last remaining sock-dropping secret (you’ll love it!), and next is when the real fun begins!

We’ll get back to you shortly – like on June 12, when we launch our online interactive Pacemaker show reel on http://www.pacemaker.net, and in September, when we release our limited edition Pacemaker series, and in October, when the premiere edition Pacemaker will be on a carefully selected shelf near you!

I love stuff like, this, I can’t wait to hear what’s next, I’m hooked already!

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Pacemaker DJ Device

I picked up on this product from CDM (Create Digital Music). It is (or claims to be) the first pocket DJ system, and is due out this autumn. It looks like an interesting device, and as CDM says it could be useful for musicians as well as DJ’s, who knows. As with all these things we’ll have to see if the product actually sees the light of day.

Their web site says that they intend to bring in a range of products and services. Well, good for them, I hope it does work out, and I’ll be watching closely to see what they deliver.

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PSPSeq 2.10

Ethan Bordeaux has just released a new version of this nifty program. Updates are:

  • Automated interpolation of synthesis parameters
  • More track copying options to simplify and speed composing music
  • Button combos enabling instant solo/unmute of all tracks, copy/paste of synthesis parameters, and removal of hits in a track
  • Automated shifting of hits in a track for easy echo effects and arpeggiation
  • Ability to record to ms0:/PSP/MUSIC directory for playback of loops and songs outside of PSPSeq
  • More visualization modes and new visualization controls
  • Access to time, battery life and available flash memory within PSPSeq
  • New features for using PSPSeq in live environments
  • Optimized WAV file playback
  • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations to screen and audio rendering
  • Many new sample songs and loops
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