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Virtual Recorder from 4Pockets Software

I was looking at some of the other products from 4Pockets and found this.

Virtual Recorder is a personal voice recorder for your Pocket PC which works just like a good old fashion tape recorder. The program uses a ”true tape” mechanism which gives the ability to record over any portion of a previous recording, and is not limited to a simple append process.

One of the advanced features of Virtual Recorder is the ability to time stretch your recordings. This would allow you to listen to a full hours recording in as little as 30 minutes, without it sounding unnatural or like the recording had been speeded up.

This means that you can sample music and slow it down without affecting the pitch; allowing you to practice those difficult guitar solos or whatever!

The software also has a Cutting Room which allows you to splice recordings or remove unwanted sections. (Cut/Copy/Paste and Fade In/Out facilities are supported). Now that is quite advanced for a PDA application.

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iPod as a (real) studio?

As more iPod mixing devices appear as I’m sure they will do, I can’t help but wonder why the use of the iPod in these devices has been restricted so severely.

The iPod has an operating system, and is capable of supporting application software like games, and games support their own sampled or synthesised sounds, so, why can’t the iPod be used in or part of some kind of software / hardware hybrid studio device?

Any thoughts? I mean, RockBox firmware has been around for a while as a replacement OS for iPod among others, and pdPod has been around for a while too offering a port of PureData, so why not some kind of music making OS or application software for the iPod?

Is that too much to ask?

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Mobile Studio: Palm OS4: Piezo Power – Download

For anyone who is interested, Piezo Power is now available to download from the Palm Sounds site. Click on the title of this post and the follow along to downloads and you’ll find it. Please note that it is an OS4 application and I don’t think it runs in OS5.

The download is made available on the basis that the original software was freeware. If you are the developer and object, please contact me to let me know.

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Well, I’ve finally upgraded my old HP Jornada 568 for a Dell Axim 51. I have to say it is fantastic. Apart from the fact that there is much more space for applications, and there’s two expansion slots, the speed is wonderful.

Of course I’m running StyleTap on there as well so I am loading on Palm apps to to see if I can eventually make this my sole music device.

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QOTD: Where do you use make mobile music?

What’s the place that works best for you?

– On the train?
– Lunch time?
– Tram
– Tube
– Bus
– Toilet

Where’s best for you?

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TuneStudio: Video

Here’s another video on the TuneStudio coming soon. I quite like this video as it gives an idea of the size of the thing.

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