The Hughes & Kettner Chord Finder

The cool mobile tool for Guitarists. News from Hughes & Kettner:

Have you ever harbored the burning desire to learn how many ways you can voice a B major 7/+9 chord? The new Hughes & Kettner Chord Finder has the answer to this and many other questions composers, enquiring players, and wannabe know-it-alls may have about guitar chords. Turn your mobile into a hip and handy guitar tool! Chord Finder knows all the standard guitar chords and shows their variants in tablature format. You can even audition the chord played with different clean and overdrive sounds at the touch of a button! Now how cool is that for copping tunes and composing songs?

Chord Finder is based on Java software that runs on most current models of mobile phone, and the silent PC version is the perfect tool for home studios. Both versions are now available for free downloading.

I wonder if this will run on a Palm using Java MIDP?

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