Ubisoft to Publish Jam Sessions

In June, Ubisoft will release Jam Sessions, a game that turns a Nintendo DS portable into a handheld mini-guitar. To play it you use the stylus, your finger or a guitar pick to strum the touch screen, selecting the notes you want (which have been digitally remastered from an acoustic guitar) using the D-pad and a shoulder button.

The game has two modes: Free Play and Tutorial.

In Free Play Mode, no lyrics or notes are provided, you just rock out as you please. In tutorial Mode promises to teach you how to play a guitar from scratch. The game was previously released in Japan under the name Hiite Utaeru DS Guitar M-06 to critical acclaim and consumer delight, but it didn’t include a save mode. Jam Session does, so you can record your Unplugged masterpiece to entertain your friends. You can further customize your playing style with adjustable reverb, chorus, low/high pass, tremolo and other settings. And on the visual front, you’ll be able to change the look of the virtual guitar string and unlock backgrounds for a job well done in performance mode.

Sounds like a very cool addition to the DS music making apps. I think I need to put that one on the Palm Sounds calendar too.

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