QOTD: Mobile music platforms?

Following on from the last post on this subject I had some more thoughts (especially after yesterday’s news about the new Palm OS) on the pros and cons on either side:

Palm OS (pros)

  • Simple clean interface
  • Good range of applications available (MiniMusic, Chocopoolp, Psytexx)
  • Hardware still being developed (Treos)

Palm OS (cons)

  • Current OS is old and out of date
  • Only a liimited number of true music applications available
  • Double headed development
  • Uncertainty over what the new OS will look like and support

Windows Mobile (pros)

  • OS and interface being developed
  • Relatively large number of applications available
  • Styletap platform allows use of palm apps such as Bhajis Loops and Microbe

Windows Mobile (cons)

  • Many developers no longer working in the mobile music space

Ok, now that surprised me as I expected to have lots more negative things to say about Windows Mobile, but when it came to it I couldn’t think of any really!

So, what do you think, which is best for mobile music, and how will Palm’s new departure impact mobile music making?

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