Device Upgrade

Well, I’ve finally upgraded my old HP Jornada 568 for a Dell Axim 51. I have to say it is fantastic. Apart from the fact that there is much more space for applications, and there’s two expansion slots, the speed is wonderful.

Of course I’m running StyleTap on there as well so I am loading on Palm apps to to see if I can eventually make this my sole music device.

QOTD: Where do you use make mobile music?

What’s the place that works best for you?

  • On the train?
  • Lunch time?
  • Tram
  • Tube
  • Bus
  • Toilet

Where’s best for you?

TuneStudio: Video

Here’s another video on the TuneStudio coming soon. I quite like this video as it gives an idea of the size of the thing.tune

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