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Browsing around CDM I found this, a thing of complete beauty…

Master chip musician Gijs Gieskes has outdone himself this time: his second Walkman tape sequencer controls the Game Boy music cartridge LSDJ via various knobs and circuitry. His typography is utterly mysterious (in other words, completely illegible), so here’s my translation:

It has got LSDJ sync, because it uses gwems lsdj pitch control as master clock . . . the red potentiometers determine the playback speed of the cassette deck, and the yellow potentiometer controls the clock speed.

In other words, the sequencer he built controls both a Walkman tape deck and a Game Boy.

Now how cool is that!

Software from PDA Musician

This stuff has been around for a long time, but it doesn’t seem to have been updated for quite a long time now, which is a bit of a shame really.

If you check out their site there is lots of software there. From sequencers to MIDI apps and even a 4-track. However, the four track takes 4 .wav files and puts them side by side with some control of the volumes of each file. Still, worth a look.

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Capers applets… what’s going on?

So, in 2006 I posted a few times about the capers applets, and in fact the demos are available on the Palm Sounds site (click title).

I had hoped to be able to make the source code for capers available in case anyone did want to take the project forward. However, to date I’ve not had a response from the original developer, so I have to say that I don’t think it is going to happen now.

I’m sorry if I got anyone’s hope’s up. If things change I’ll let you know.


Don’t forget to check out the downloads page of the Palm Sounds site with what’s available there to download. The stuff is all freeware or demo apps, no commercial stuff at all.

Milkytracker how to videos

A very useful selection I think

KP3 Video

I like this video, I think it shows some of what you can do with a Kaoss Pad. I’d like to think that miniMIXA will give a lot of this functionality when the X-Y pad functionality is introduced, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next since Tao Group have restructured.

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The Hughes & Kettner Chord Finder

The cool mobile tool for Guitarists. News from Hughes & Kettner:

Have you ever harbored the burning desire to learn how many ways you can voice a B major 7/+9 chord? The new Hughes & Kettner Chord Finder has the answer to this and many other questions composers, enquiring players, and wannabe know-it-alls may have about guitar chords. Turn your mobile into a hip and handy guitar tool! Chord Finder knows all the standard guitar chords and shows their variants in tablature format. You can even audition the chord played with different clean and overdrive sounds at the touch of a button! Now how cool is that for copping tunes and composing songs?

Chord Finder is based on Java software that runs on most current models of mobile phone, and the silent PC version is the perfect tool for home studios. Both versions are now available for free downloading.

I wonder if this will run on a Palm using Java MIDP?

Mobile Music Application Directory

Over the next few weeks / months I plan to compile as complete a list as I can for all the mobile music making applications I know of and can find links to. The final directory will be a post on the blog, but I’ll also make it easily available so it can serve as a reference point in the future.

Once the list is done, if you have suggestions for applications to add to it or think of stuff I’ve missed off, please let me know.

QOTD: Will Mobile Music Making always be a niche?

Or will it one day be as common as using laptops to make music?

More Milkytracker tools soon

Even more goodies coming to Milkytracker soon!

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