MixPad 1.0 from miniMusic on sale now!

I know I’ve posted quite a lot about MixPad from miniMusic in the last few weeks, but I thought it was worth another note to say that it is on sale at present, so do go over and take a look.

MixPad is a full featured MIDI file player/viewer/mixer. It will let you take any raw MIDI file with you on your Palm compatible handheld or phone. You can play the song with our Krikit audio engine, on connected MIDI hardware, or on a sound card if your handheld has one. MixPad differs from any other MIDI file applications for the PalmOS; it includes powerful graphic support for easy viewing and mixing.

Usable for real performance situations, or music practice, MixPad gives you a powerful real-time mixer interface to control channel volumes, panning, and solos and mutes for every track during playback. The main display gives smooth scrolling of all MIDI data (including velocities and controller data) and zooming. Unlike other MIDI file players that use hundreds of kilobytes (or even megabytes) of memory for sound samples, our software synthesizer generates audio without any recorded sound; it’s only 10k! Song files are also very small (usually under 100k).

MixPad works only as a song player/viewer/mixer. MixPad Pro, available later this Spring, will offer additional recording and editing features. We will offer MixPad Pro as an upgrade to all MixPad users; you’ll only pay the difference in price, so there is no reason to wait! We are already working on the first free MixPad upgrade that will let you change tempos, instruments and transpose songs!

Introductory price only $19.95 US (Regularly $29.95) Buy Now, especially with this cool icon!

Developer Focus: 4Pockets

4Pockets are the makers of two of the latest applications that I’ve added to my collection of mobile music making software:


and, Audio Box Micro Composer:

The applications are quite different in terms of use and intended market, and it makes me wonder where they’ll go next, if indeed they will, as you never know if a developer will leave the market.

I hope they stay, and I hope that they make more applications for mobile music, even if they don’t, here’s to a couple of good solid applications.

Trinity DAW box on CDM,

More on the Trinity DAW. This picture shows more detail on the device and gives a better idea of size. A little too large for me.

What’s next for NotePad?

In version 1.5 I think we’ll see even more goodies turn up for NotePad. For me the most exciting will be a range of export formats. If this is implemented it effectively means that you’ll be able to create sounds in SoundPad and by using NotePad’s export facility to export as a wav file you can use that sound in another application, like Bhajis Loops. I think this starts to make the whole experience of mobile music quite interesting.

It means you get synthesised sounds from SoundPad into a different environment altogether, and the applications start to be able to work together in a really interesting way.

I’m not sure about the option to add lyrics. I can on the one hand see myself using this, and on the other not bothering. I’ll have to wait and see.

As for dynamics, I think that it will be interesting to see how this is implemented.

Overall, can’t wait.

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