BeatPad 1.5 coming Spring 2007

BeatPad was one of the first pieces of musical software I purchased for the palm. BeatPad is a sequencer for the palm. It has a single monophonic music sequence and a drum pattern editor. It arranges patterns into four banks, A through D, and each bank has 8 patterns in it.

In version 1.1 you can tell the app to move from one pattern to the next, but you can’t give it specific instructions like “A1 four times, then A2 etc”. I’m sure that this sort of thing will come in a later version.

In version 1.5 the new low latency synth that’s being used with MixPad will be incorporated into the app.

On of the things I’ve always loved about this app is the interface, although that is something you can say about all of the miniMusic software. The BeatPad interface is very user friendly, but also beautifully designed. Try it out, you’ll like it.

ittyMIDI Drummer

ittyMIDI Drummer is a MIDI drum machine for Palm OS ittyMIDI. The beta version is available now.

Drummer has the following features:

  • Real-Time switching between up to eight patterns in a given style. Each pattern includes its own fill. Each style also has an intro and end pattern.
  • Innovative Hit Feature provides a way to accent any beat, allowing you to break free from the canned drum loop sound.
  • MIDI File Format uses standard marker messages to delimit patterns, allowing easy creation of custom styles with a MIDI sequencer!
  • External Control allows all of Drummer’s functions to be controlled via MIDI for live flexibility (converter box required).

The app has been in beta for quite a long time now so I do wonder when it will go to version 1.0. However, it is always good to see new music applications appearing for the palm platform, or for any mobile platform for that matter.

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