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PSP Rhythm 7.0 in action!

I found this clip on YouTube. I think it gives a nice little demo of what PSP Rhythm can do.

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Bhajis Bag of Goodies …

The fantastic bhajis t-shirt …

and the brilliant pioopioo bag …

I remembered a while ago about the Bhajis shop at Cafepress. Lots of fun things here. Do take a look, you know you want to…

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Now there’s a clever parrot for you

Here’s an interesting site for any budding palm music application developers out there. Clever Parrot seems to have lots of useful information and code samples too about writing software for the palm platform with a number of code snippets for use in musical applications. Why not take a look?

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Palm Sounds now has a download site (one that you can rely on) for a few bits and pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Firstly are the Capers applets and demo apps from DSPerado. The dsperado site is no longer there, but as these were freely downloadable from the site I figured it can’t be too bad to let more people download them.

The downside with capers applets is that they are Palm OS4 apps and I’ve never been able to get them to work in OS5. Please remember that you download and use them at your own risk. I didn’t code them so I don’t know if they can do any damage.

Click on the title of this post to go to the downloads page, and enjoy!

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