Abadja Rhythm for Palm

Abadja Rhythm for Palm is a flash application that has been designed to run in the flash player for palm devices. I have to start off by saying that I have a soft spot for these kinds of applications for several reason, not least of which is that I spent some time a few years ago making similar apps (although I have to say not nearly so well designed). Perhaps one day I’ll dig them out and see if they’ve got life in them.

Anyway, back to Abadja Rhythm for Palm. Of the flash based applets I’ve seen so far this is by far the most complex and complete. It is a rhythm applet that uses several different percussion sounds that you can overlay together. It has a series of screens which explain the instruments used in the applet, and also gives some background to the music and culture of the region. This feature being a really nice touch indeed.

When you get to the main screen you have six percussion instruments that you can bring in or out of the mix. These combine to give you Abadja Rhythm.

Overall it is a nice applet that is an excellent example of what can be done using flash. Thanks to Hayden of Sonify.org for letting me review it.

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