Sonify dot org

I have been spending some time looking around the Sonify site for a while. Whilst I usually avoid industry sites this one is actually really useful. There’s a whole host of useful information there on all sorts of different subjects from remixer apps for mobile phones to developer java guidelines.

There are also a number of very useful tutorials ranging from Java to Flash audio and more.

Sonify is a useful news source as well, and has a decent RSS feed. describes itself as a community resource where Developers can unite with the common goals of adding interactive audio to the Web, Wireless and Digital Devices as well as advancing the development of the underlying interactive audio technologies. is also devoted to helping web, wireless and application developers add interactive audio to their projects. works to educate the consumer and buying marketplace about the value of interactive audio to any web or application development effort – equal in importance to graphics or back end functionality, and is a community – a place for interactive audio developers to meet, share ideas & experiences, learn new skills, get exposure to potential employers and hopefully have some fun.

If you haven’t visited it yet, give it a look now.

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