MP3 Encoder for Palm

Well, just when you think you won’t be seeing anything new this year, something completely new and unexpected comes along. Who would have thought there would be an MP3 encoder for the Palm platform. Priced at only $12 you can’t really go wrong.

Mp3Enc is from newborngames, who make WaveEditPro (and the enterprise version) which in my opinion is probably the best audio editor software for the Palm platform.

Here’s what the site says about it…

Mp3Enc is the first ever Mp3 encoder for the Palm platform!

Now you can record sound, compress into Mp3 on your SD card, and plug the same SD card into your external player!

Writes Mp3’s in a variety of bitrates from 64 to 320

Supports batch jobs: Select many files at once and leave the encoder running!

ARM code enhanced for the best possible speed

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