Thoughts on Mobile Music Making in 2006

I thought I’d jot down some thoughts about the state of mobile music making, and also about the blog and where I see things going. As the year comes to a close I think it is worthwhile looking at what good stuff came about and what is coming up.

2006: A Good year for mobile music making?

Well, in some ways yes and in some ways no. Bhajis Loops is no longer being developed, and that is sad, but understandable. But this year we’ve seen a new version of NotePad from MiniMusic which has been an excellent move forward for notation on the palm.

We’ve also had a new version of BeatPad which again has extended the use of the the little palm sequencer.

These two applications have tied into the miniMusic SoundPad application for sound design. The three of them together form the basis of the minimusic pro-suite, and I think that it really does feel like a suite of apps now.

Add to this the latest application from miniMusic, AxisPad only delivered in November this year, and you have a really rounded suite of music applications.

Of course, minmusic aren’t going to stop their, if you look at their development calendar you’ll see what they’ve got planned for next year, and it looks really appealing.

But it is a such a shame that there are so few developers of palm music software. Perhaps we’ll see a few more in 2007?

2006 was a good year for PocketPC music. We saw miniMIXA open up in a big way. We saw PocketPC’s become able to use Palm software, and in particular Bhajis Loops by the use of the new StyleTap Palm emulator.

So, on the whole not bad. And maybe more things to come in 2007, who knows? I think that should be for another post.

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