2006 was a good year all in all, here’s to next year, and best wishes for 2007.


Yesterday I played with Electoplankton for the first time. Absolutely awesom. I really loved it. It is as much a toy as a new way of relaxing. I have to enjoyed it.

I haven’t as yet played with all of it, but I’m sure I will.

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Happy Christmas

A very happy Christmas from Palm Sounds.

miJam Mixer

I have to admit that I know very little about being a DJ, but devices like these intrigue me. I’d actually like to see something like this software wise for a palm or pocket PC. I doubt there will be though.

Anyway, it is an interesting idea.

Here’s what amazon says about it….

– The mi Jam Mixer will have you mixing like a DJ in no time and is so portable you can take it anywhere.
– The Mixer functions with any digital music device, such as iPod and MP3 player.
– Each mi Jam Mixer features two scratch discs which work in both directions with a variety of effects.
– Also included in the Mixer are two programmed rhythm selection buttons, digital voice, techno effects, tempo and volume controls.
– Just like all other mi Jam products the Mixer works either as a standalone Mixer or can accompany your favorite music, so plug it into your music device and jam away
– You can even add the mi Jam Stage Mic to add vocals for the complete DJ experience.


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EarMan from RoGame

RoGame have brought a number of music related products to the Palm Platform, all of which are tools or utilities for musicians rather than being music creating applications. However, they add to the pool of software, and that’s a good thing.

This latest offering is another learning tool designed to help you to to learn intervals. I am all for music education software, and I shall give this a go, although it does remind me a bit of EarTrain from minimusic, although that application is a bit more aimed at children.

Anyway, good to see someone still developing music applications for the palm platform.

This is what the blub says on PalmGear….

One of the most important skills for musicians of any kind is the ability to correctly identify intervals by ear. Ear training is therefore a substantial building block of any kind of music education. Typically practicing this skill happens during class or with a private tutor and takes some time. EarMan is a tool that can enhance proficiency in ear training and can aid greatly in the process of advancing in this difficult subject.
The program offers a way for “spot learning” where specific interval sets can be practiced in specific ranges. This can be used to focus on weaknesses. Every session is graded in once completed. In addition EarMan offers a complete curriculum that trains the user step by step from correctly identifying simple intervals in limited groups to the full range including compound intervals.

EarMan uses RoGame’s sound library and includes a Grand Piano library for playback on devices with Palm OS 5.0 and higher. Intervals a shown in grand staff notation to aid the learning process. Interval sets include complementary intervals. The interface for the application has been designed to be free from distractions so that one can fully concentrate on the sound.


I posted on this device ages ago, but went back to have a look again. There’s a sizeable number of apps now running on it. It made me wonder if when ALP is released for Palm devices, if these kind of apps will be able to run on it? ALP is of course LINUX based, so it makes sense to me, but then what do I know.

Anyway, at $1000 each, I don’t think I’ll be buying on.

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Emulation and Music Software

I noticed someone the other day selling a Palm Zire 72 on eBay. It was unusual as it was billed as an auction for musicians only, and that attracted my attention. The seller had various music applications loaded up on this Palm, namely, SoundPad, Bhajis Loops etc. However, in addition to this GBulator was running and supporting Nanoloop and apps by 8 Cylinder.

Now ages ago I had toyed with the idea of emulating an Atari ST to run old music software, but I gave up as I found it just too difficult to get running. Obviously this particular ebay seller has managed to get these GBA apps running ok, which makes me think I should try again.

The ST emulator is CaSTaway, and perhaps it is time to get some of those old Atari music apps running again on my T3?

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