Mobile Studio: Palm OS4

Some time ago I posted quite a bit about the older Capers applets and demos. This made me think about lots of old apps I used to use which won’t run under Palm OS5. Sad really. I decided to get myself an old Clie series device.

Why clie? Simple, the older clies (some of them anyway) have a built in MIDI chip and hence don’t need a module like the Swivel Systems SG20. If you’re interested there’s a good list of which ones have the chip at the MiniMusic site under the hardware section.

Anyway, I’ve got one now. A clie T425. Very nice it is too. It took a bit of getting used to a monochrome screen again, but even so I am impressed. The sound is fine, and even with only 8mb (7mb available) on board it is still quite useable. The device itself is very slim indeed. The only drawback is it doesn’t have a headphone jack, so anything I use it for I will need to record with a mic.

After this initial disappointment I decided that this was a good thing as I could actually record one palm with another, which would be quite interesting.

So what am I using it for then? Well, here’s a list of what music app I’ve put on it so far:

  • AxisPad (current minimusic preview)
  • BeatPlay
  • Burrito
  • Egg-Demo
  • Hedgehog
  • Luna
  • Meedy
  • Piezo Power
  • SpinPad
  • Theremini
  • ThumbMusic
  • Tractor
  • Beat Key
  • Botzam MIDI Player
  • ittyMIDI Player
  • Almond
  • Bugband
  • DaCapo
  • EarTrain
  • FretBoard
  • GTrainer
  • GuiPar
  • McChords
  • Mozart
  • PocketBeat
  • Transpose
  • Tuneit
  • BeatPad
  • composer
  • ittyMIDI Drummer
  • Handi Drum
  • MelodyPad
  • MusicInHand
  • MusicStudio
  • MusicTracker
  • NotePad
  • Pocket Piano
  • pQuencer
  • RhythmPro

Quite a list, and I’m still going back over old CD-ROMs where I kept apps to see if there’s anything else. You never know, I might find one or two bits more.

Once I’ve had more time to play with some of these I’ll post proper reviews on some of them.


8 thoughts on “Mobile Studio: Palm OS4”

  1. Hi i´m a Chilean artist, a friend gave me a palm zire 72, so I was searching for apps to make music on it, I`ve found that “pQuencer” may be one of them, but one of the links I have it´s dead broken, the other one lead me to this post, it would be great if you have it or have any information, would be very useful, nice blog, greeatings!


    1. You can do a lot more with a zire 72. I will post another reply when I get time with a list of other Palm apps to try out and links of where to find them

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