pick up Computer Music handheld feature

I’m glad that sites like this pick up the Computer Music article, it shows that stuff like handheld music is important.

Computer Music Feature on Mobile Music Making: Part II

I’ve taken the time to read it in more depth now. Not a bad start on handheld music. It does cover the main bases in terms of mobile OS’s and devices, and the really big applications, ie:

– Bhajis Loops
– MiniMixa
– Griff
– MiniMusic suite
– Syntrax
– Pheonix Studio

So, from that point of view not bad at all, and I have to add that as far as I am aware it will be the first time these apps have been in a feature in a mainstream magazine. So from that point of view I am very pleased.

Of course, for enthusiasts there is always more. There are other applications about and it would be nice to talk about the history etc. But of course, I think that those kinds of things are for blogs like this to discuss.

So, overall, a good job I feel.

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