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StyleTap up to 0.9.160

StyleTap has just been updated. They plan to go to a full version 1 release in October.

– discover Bluetooth serial ports on WM5
– receive OBEX object via Bluetooth on WM5
– new StyleTap APIs: StpSetFastScreenMode, StpSetSipScreenPosition
– implemented DmSyncDatabase and DmSync to flush one or all databases to permanent memory.
– Warning! Frequent calls or use with large databases may impact performance.
– numerous serial IO improvements, including serial link support and port mapping tools
– fix installation problem on non-English devices
– allow StyleTap to run on new Palm Treo and Symbol devices
– fixes and optimizations for
Bike or Die
Commander’s Organizer

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Akai MPC500 UK price £549

I think that it is still too much for me though.