In my last post I mentioned ChordLab. The more I look at it the more I think that it might be quite useful. Here’s what the developer says about it.

The essential tool for song-writers and musicians in general assists with all chord spelling tasks. Features a built-in Circle of Fifths and chord finder for when you know the pitches, but not the chord. Many times chord spelling becomes an essential task, be it to communicate what you are playing to others or simply when writing it down. To complicate matters music theory is often complex and correctly spelling a chord that may have sharps AND flats, double flats or double sharps is not always easy. That is where ChordLab can be of great assistance as a sort of chord calculator.
In addition ChordLab can also show you how to finger given chords on the piano or guitar. It features all the standard voicings commonly used in Jazz, Rock, Pop, and elsewhere. This helps to write fitting music for an instrument one might not be too familiar with.

Another essential tool found in ChordLab is the Circle of Fifths which is implemented interactively and can be used to show parallel minor/major key signatures.

The most important tool for many, however, will probably be the Chord Finder. This tool allows one to just enter a bunch of notes and find out what chord exactly these might represent. Many guitar players often play fingering combinations without being aware of the kind of chord these notes might represent. Notes can be entered just by pitch and without having to have the correct name.

Mozart 3.0

I got an email telling me that Mozart had been updated. Ages ago I bought this program as part of their bundle, but I have to admit that I hardly ever used it. The new design looks good, but again I wonder if I would use it.

Their other app Chord Lab looks like it would come in handy though. Perhaps I’ll do a post on that.

Anyway, here’s what they say about the new version of Mozart 3.0,

Mozart 3.0 adds a multitude of new features. The application has been completely redesigned and addresses many requests. Most importantly the application now uses a new kind of sound library that offers very realistic sounding instruments. The use of these libraries will over time also become a part of Almond and ChordLab. A new addition is the use of key signatures and ranges. Sessions can now be replayed and instrument interfaces have been redesigned and are more spacious than
before. A bass instrument has been added and the instruments bass, piano and guitar can hilite notes and locations of the key being used. Music Bundle and Music Bundle Pro have been updated as well to include this new version of Mozart.

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