Mobile Studio : Current state

Here’s a shot of my current mobile studio. A Palm T3 and the Zoom PS04. That’s it. Nothing more, not yet that is. The idea being that over the next few weeks / months I will be adding other devices, but only within the bounds of being able to take everything with me in my gear bag.

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Symbian Tracker ! ! !

Well, as I was hunting around for trackers that run on Windows 95 I found this tracker for the Symbian platform. Cool. I had no idea there was software for music making for that platform.

Renoise on the Libretto

I downloaded the latest version but it doesn’t work on Windows 95, so I’ve contacted the developer for a version that does work on Windows 95.

Unused elements in Bhajis Loops

One of the issues I always have with any piece of software is that there are always loads of functions and capabilities that I never use or even think I will ever need to use.

Well, with Bhajis Loops there are bits and pieces that I often think I will never use. But as time goes on I find myself experimenting more and more.

Having said all of that, I can’t imagine myself ever using the “live” mode in Bhajis Loops. Why? Well, largely because I never play live, and without that outlet I can’t imagine how you’d want to use that kind of functionality. Having said that whenever I start to play with software I often find that you can do things that you weren’t perhaps meant to by using a function for a purpose other than the one it was intended for.

I think I have to spend some more time playing with Bhajis Loops rather than being serious. I don’t have as much fun being serious, so I’m going to do more just playing. Let’s see where it gets me?

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