Mobile Studio

One idea that has been knocking around in the back of my mind for ages is about having a “studio” if you like that is completely mobile. The first thing I need to do of course is define what I mean by this. Of course, there are many devices that claim to be a “mobile studio”, but you would need more than a single device I think.

At the core of the idea would be:

  • The ability to create music on the go with minimal restriction
  • The ability to record live sounds / vocals
  • The ability to mix synthesised sounds and live sounds
  • At least basic multitrack facilities

There probably needs to be more, and I’ll add to this as I think about it more.

One thought on “Mobile Studio”

  1. I think Bhajis Loops does all of this.Here’s a song I made entirely with Bhajis on my Treo 700p. It’s a bit crude, and I’m a terrible singer, but it gets the job done. is limited in the length of time it can record and even more limited in the size of WAVs it can edit, but SoundRec can record direct to an expansion card.


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