This is a good site for general industry news on mobile music and I guess if you’re a developer too.

Another interesting blog

I stumbled over this blog. Worth looking at, but for certain it is quite detailed and high tech. Still I like to dip into these things every now and then.

Are there Bhajis Loopers in London?

I wonder? Could there be a bunch of Bhajis Loopers in London?

Audacity on Palm OS – Not going to happen

Well, at least I got an answer. Doesn’t look like it will happen on the Palm OS. There are reasons why it can work on Linux. This is what I got back from the Audacity team.

“The processor isn’t important, what matters is having the right
libraries available to run audacity. This is easy for the Trinity device
because it runs Linux, and we can use wxGTK to build audacity, which
depends on the wxwidgets application toolkit:

This isn’t available for PalmOS currently, so this would need to become
available for running audacity on PalmOS to be viable. You would also
need a machine with enough disc space to do anything useful – 500MB of
free hard drive space is a bare minimum, and significant CPU power do do
processing of audio.”

Thanks for responding. I appreciate it if a little disappointed. Never mind.

iPod Music Studio – Sort of but not quite…

You have to click through to this article about an idea for the next generation of Mac. The Mac Nano. Fantastic. Almost sounds like it should happen as a logical next step.

Softick Audio Gateway

Although I like being without wires I still can’t find a real need for this software with my current set up, not to mention the power drain from using bluetooth and something CPU hungry like Bhajis Loops.

Still, it is a good app and I always like to see wireless technologies used on the PalmOS.

PSP Rhythm 6.0

Homebrew music making for the PSP seems to be in good hands. I found out about this update in the current issue of Computer Music (104). If I had a PSP I’d download it for sure.

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