iPod Music Studio – Still moving forward

After a bit of a break I’ve just updated this site and given some more thought to where it should be going. Please visit and add comments.

Audacity on Palm OS – Not giving up…

Well, I am still chasing up this idea with the team at Audacity. I figure that if they can make it work on an ARM processor in Linux, then why not on my T3?

I think it is worth following up.

If anything happens I’ll keep you posted.

Projects: Update

Here’s a quick update on the projects I am pushing forward for Palm Sounds:

– Audacity on the Palm OS
– iPod Music Studio
– Designs for a new handheld music device

I really must get on with these.

Rhythms of the World drum patterns

Well, in my search for drum patterns I’ve ordered a couple of books that I thought might help. I don’t know if they’re going to be use, but it is a start.

Here’s the first one:


and the second:


Tonal Scales and Rhythms of the World

I posted on tonal scales before as I find it a fascinating subject, but not one that I am familiar with at all. At some point I will do some reading on the subject.

On a similar, but different note I was reading a really interesting article in Songlines magazine about rhythms of the world. In fact it was called “50 Rhythms of the world”. Apart from being quite interesting in itself it coincided with looking at these different tonal scales.

It set me thinking about setting up a bunch of patterns in the Bhajis Loops pattern library for all of these different rhythms. Of course it will take some time to get all of this done, but I think it will be worth it.

My main issue is where to find out more information on these patterns?

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