Music thing: Portable, Linux-powered all-in-one recording box

This is an interesting piece of hardware. Not from the point of view of the hardware itself, but from the perspective of the software that is being ported to run on it.

According to the article in Audacity is being ported to run on an Arm processor for this device.

Now, if the chaps at Audacity can do that for this Arm processor, then why not one in a Palm device?

I think it is worth asking the question and seeing if there’s a way that they could use Audacity on a standard Palm.

Why do it? Well, Audacity is a fairly good multitrack recorded with plug in facilities. If you could run that on your palm then the sky’s the limit.

I’ve been after a palm based multitrack for years. I think I’m going to have to contact them and ask the question. I’ll post back as and when I get a response.

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