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NotePad 1.4 Treo keys

I found this in a pile of papers today and realised that I haven’t used these keyboard shortcuts at all since I helped with the testing on NotePad 1.4. At the time I thought they’d be really useful and helpful, but now I don’t even think about them. Not that I am saying that it is a bad app. Quite the opposite. Nor am I saying they’re not useful, they may well be to others.

It is just interesting to me that some part of an app that you think will really work for you becomes forgotten in a very short space of time indeed.

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More Bhajis dreaming

I keep coming back to the thought of a desktop tool that would allow you the ability to write effect plug ins for Bhajis Loops. That kind of a tool would give you the ability to create new plug ins and maybe even amend / adapt other people’s plug ins.

I’m sure that this is an idea that’ll never get off the ground.