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More on the iPod Studio idea

I’ve been discussing with the writer of evolving trends the possibility of getting a project like this off the ground. If enough people are interested I’m sure that there a developer or two might get interested.

Anyway, more as this develops.

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Madwaves made the madplayer (now discontinued). Now they’re making a software version called madmixer.

And, you ask?

Well, the hardware version (madplayer) wasn’t that bad at all. In fact it was quite handy to use if you were short of a little musical inspiration. It generated music using algorithms in different styles.

That’s what the “madmixer” application will do too. However, they’re porting it to Java so it may run on a Treo. If it does I may well try out a copy and see if it is worthwhile.

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Palm Music in Education

Although an old article about the use of Palms in music education, it is still interesting.

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iPod thoughts again

In m previous post about the possibility of an iPod version of Garageband the blog I was posting on referenced a site called Rockbox. I’ve been having a bit of a look around there. Interesting stuff. I like the idea of replacing the firmware in an iPod and replacing it with something new.

I especially like the fact that they are developing apps to run in their firmware. Very cool. Maybe they will make a mini studio app?

Take a look anyway.

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