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The iPod as portable music studio

This blog post is about an excellent idea about the future of the iPod. I think it would be brilliant if the next generation of iPod could be used with a cut down version of Garageband. It is an idea that I’ve had knocking around my head for ages.

Anyway, have a look at this blog, there’s lots of good comments on it too.

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I like the look of PocketBeat. it has a nice feel to it and I like the idea. But I never play live enough for it to be worth buying. I like the idea of a palm based drum machine, but again, I don’t need another one as I already have three that’ll do the job.

Having said all of that I like the functionality of PocketBeat, I can imagine it in action and it being really useful. I just wish I had a use for it.

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Not palm but an interesting use of gaming

I’ve been thinking for a while about getting a Nintendo DS or a DS Lite. I have no real passion for games and gaming, but I’ve been amused and intrigued by the idead of electroplankton.

I like the concepts employed in making music through unusual and non-traditional interfaces, and I think it sounds like an interesting idea for children as well.

Is it worth getting? I’m not sure, It is a lot of cash to shell out on a new piece of hardware and software just to play for a while. I think it would be wonderful if someone wrote something similar for the PalmOS.

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