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Litte GP tracker

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t look out for these kind of things. You start to find out about stuff, and then what happens? You’re gonna want to buy one.

Well, that’s what I’m starting to think here. There’s an active community of users for this device, and Little GP tracker seems to be in constant development.

It is certainly something I’m going to keep an eye on.

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Devices for mobile music making

I was thinking about this earlier. At present my experience of mobile music making is restricted to a limited number of devices or device types. Let me explain:

Device I own / or have owned:

– Various Palm OS devices
– Various PocketPC / Windows Mobile devices
– MadPlayer (weird device that generate music via algorithm)
– Laptops in general

Devices I am aware of / would like to own:

– Nintendo DS
– GameBoy

Of course, what is left is the stuff I don’t know about, and of course that I can’t comment on.

I did have a little sniff around for any interesting apps running on Symbian, but I could find almost nothing.

I’d be really interested to know of other platforms or devices that are useful for mobile music making.

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DS Lite: Band Brothers

Another interesting music game rather than app. Looks like this is already interactively set up. I’d imagine that this would be good fun to use with children.

Tempting. Again!

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DS Lite: Axe

Another simple music application for the DS, but again, another reason to get one?

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DS Lite: Drum Machine

Yet another reason to have a look at the DS as a viable platform. Ok, only a drum machine at the moment, but some possibilities of getting a softsynth too?

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DS Lite: NitroTracker

This little application seems to get more and more tempting as time goes by. There’s also a hint of collaborative tracking via wifi to come in the future.

Of course, I’ve no idea who I’d collaborate with, but, nevertheless, very cool stuff.

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Rebirth on my Libretto

An excellent suggestion was commented on my previous libretto post. I’ve downloaded the iso image, but having lots of trouble getting the disk image into something that works.

I think I’ll have to do some more research to see how to sort this out.

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StyleTap on onetonnemusic

One Tonne Music have a good post today on StyleTap which reminded me that I should mention that their site has been updated recently. It looks much better than before, and has a good deal more content. There’s also now more options for downloading as they’ve added a standalone installation app for Mac and Linux which I found really useful.

Having said that StyleTap is still a beta product, and I wonder what more they will add to it to before it finally goes live?

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Loading up the Libretto

Late last night I started loading up some of the software I’ve found. The most useful I’ve found so far are:

– Goldwave: A bit like a very early version of Audacity
– Octomed Studio: Tracker Application
– Cubase Audio Lite
– CreateFX

I think I’d like to keep searching for more apps as the ones I’ve added so far haven’t taken up much space at all. My current plan for the Libretto is to use it as a sort of hub between my handheld devices (Palm T3, Jornada and Zoom PS04). So that I can move files from each of the handheld devices using the Libretto.

The other main use for the libretto will be sound editing and manipulation. That’s where goldwave comes in.

I’ll need to do lots more testing, but so far I am quite enthusiastic that the Libretto will form a useful part of my mobile studio.

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Milkytracker for PocketPC

I loaded up Milkytracker on my Jornada 568. So far it works like a dream! I also noticed that there’s a version for Windows 95, so I may well try that on my little Libretto 70CT.

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