MIDI day on Palm Sounds : Roland PMA-5

Ok, this isn’t really a MIDI software review for the palm OS. However, someone asked me this evening if I was interested in buying one of these so I did a little research. Very interesting indeed. I might have to say yes and have a play.

I’d never heard of this device before, but I have to say I am very interested indeed.

8 thoughts on “MIDI day on Palm Sounds : Roland PMA-5”

  1. I recently acquired one of these after many years of hankering after one, and I have to say, it’s quite the little workhorse. It takes a little getting used to but is a great little sketchpad.It’s invaluable to me when I’m working away as it provides me with some sanity in dull hotel rooms :o)


  2. I’ve searched for this software everywhere. Roland only make mention of the MAC version on their current site. The MAC model number was PMA-5S/APL (PC was PMA-5S/AT) and it was a software program for converting SMFs from a MAC/PC to the PMA-5. It also worked in the other direction.More info here….http://www.rolandus.com/products/productdetails.aspx?ObjectId=83&ParentId=73Only problem with the Windows version, if you ever find it, is that it is only compatible with Windows 3.1 or 95. Rumour has it there is an NT version, but this would be NT4 or before, I guess.I’ve googled greatly on this and can’t find anything to help :o(I connect mine to my home rig via the serial connection, which is much less cumbersome than the regular MIDI connectors but I must admit that a fully working conversion kit would be useful.As it stands, I love the fun and portability of the PMA-5 and the fact it gives me a musical outlet when I’m not at home, but in the studio it’s really just another tone generator :o)


  3. I have the PMA-5. I never ran out of memory until two days ago. I have the PMA 5S software and cable. I recently got an old Laptop with Windows 95 on it and loaded the software. It is really good. I can load whatever songs I need to the PMA 5 and use it as background from my Roland FR-7 Digital Accordion. Works great.


  4. I have an fr3 roland and I also have the PMA5. I would sure like to know how one connects the two so I could record the fr3 and add some of the styles that are in the PMA5 as an accompanyment.


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