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MIDI Modules

When I started with music on PDAs I had to use a MIDI modules for anything like decent sounds. One of my favourite modules was for the Visor PDA which had proprietory modules called springboards. The module was about the size of a book of matches, it had 128 midi sounds on board, and a headphone jack. It powered itself from the visor PDA. Nice.

The sound wasn’t bad at all really. The module responded to MiniMusic NotePad and BeatPad software.

The visor was a cool device and the modules were fun too. Shame they didn’t stick around.

More on modules soon…


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Interesting blog

This looks like an interesting blog to watch…

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Good BeatPad 1.1 Review

A nice review of the latest version of Beatpad I found whilst trawling…

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Malleable Mobile Music: Social Computing driving New Content Forms

Interesting stuff here. It seems a bit old, but never mind, maybe something will come of it.


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