Auxy 3.1 brings a new sound pack, AP-002

Auxy is a personal favourite of mine, for a lot of reasons, but one very good one is that Auxy keeps getting new features and sounds, and this update brings us a new sound pack. AP–002: The Sound of Vivrant. Swedish producer, DJ, and label owner Jeremy Olander has been described as the savior of the progressive house style. For this pack, he has selected sounds and drums from his upcoming EP.

Also in this update:

  • Share and backup projects by swiping left in the project list
  • Copy instrument and loops by long pressing the instrument name
  • Download demo projects and more via the new Feed
  • New setting lets you trigger the ducker on every half bar

It’s also worth noting that in order to bring high quality sounds to Auxy, they have stopped supporting some older devices. Which is fair enough.


Drum Session for iPad has arrived

If drums are your thing then you really need to take a look at this app. Drum Session for iPad has only just arrived and even though I’ve not had a great deal of time to play with it I’m already impressed. It has a nice clean interface, intuitive and straightforward, this is the kind of app you can just go to work with.

I’ll be giving it a full work out soon, and I’ll tell you more. For now, here’s the app’s description:

With a library of 3600 editable patterns, loops, and fills, Drum Session is a very fast, simple way to put together a complete drum track.


  1. Select a pattern
  2. Drag it onto the timeline
  3. Press play


  • 3600 preset patterns
  • 30 complete sets of acoustic drum samples
  • Record your own beats
  • Piano roll style editing
  • MIDI in / out
  • Inter-app-audio (IAA)
  • Audiobus
  • AudioCopy
  • Export beats as MIDI or audio files
  • Connect to external drum kits or keyboards by MIDI

Drum Session for iPad is on the app store priced at $24.99:


DJ Player Professional 9.0.7 packs a bit of a punch!

DJ Player has been around a long time now and keeps on delivering time after time. The latest update keeps up the tradition and packs a real punch:

  • Network Drive Support (NAS, shared drive, etc.) with WebDAV. Supports automatic discovery with Bonjour, anonymous HTTP, secure connection (HTTPS) and basic authentication.
  • Bluetooth LE MIDI support.
  • Lock SHIFT with double tap.
  • Removed mid-point click for GAIN for smooth changes. Double-tap on GAIN to return to 0.
  • Invert tempo knob on Modern Interface player setting.
  • Load Tracks on App Launch player setting.
  • Eject A/B/C/D player setting.
  • Track overview waveform is visible when using JUMP.
  • Track loading with MIDI browser + select controls (for controllers without load buttons).
  • Fixed bug for loop + SLIP.


From the maker of moodscaper comes Pianoscaper, a universal generative app for iOS

I do like a generative music app, so it’s good to see a new one arrive on the app store today. Here are the details:

Pianoscaper is a generative music app and virtual instrument that’s easy on the ears and fun to play. Launch the app, and with a single tap of the auto-play button, pianoscaper will create evolving and ambient soundscapes that are unique every time.

While all of the pianoscaper sounds originated from acoustic pianos, many have been extensively processed to create an “impossible piano” that can morph between orchestral-type swells and ethereal choir-like sounds. Think of it as piano DNA taken to the next level!

Pianoscaper in auto-play mode is the perfect companion for relaxing, studying or providing non-intrusive headphone music at work or on your commute. You can even set a timer so you can fall asleep to its gentle and soothing tones.

You can also play pianoscaper as a virtual instrument using the dedicated keypads and performance loop recorders, and tailor the sounds with built-in reverb, delay and “character” effects parameters. And while you’re playing, pianoscaper can lend a hand by adding auto-accompaniment parts and even provides hints for notes it thinks might sound good depending on which notes you play!

As a sample-based instrument, pianoscaper currently supports two “moods” – a happy mood, based on the G major pentatonic scale, and a sad mood, based on the Dm pentatonic scale. Please note that pianoscaper is not a chromatic or MIDI-compatible instrument, and it is unlikely to become one, although additional moods and scales may be added as free updates.

You can also record and process the audio output of pianoscaper using any Inter-App Audio host that supports IAA Generators.

You are free to use pianoscaper in your own recordings or live events and installations on a royalty-free basis. All I would ask for is a simple credit that includes the name of the app – “pianoscaper”.

I hope you will agree the pianoscaper interface, while minimalist and a perhaps a little cryptic initially, will eventually become very easy to use. Please do take the time to read the quick-start guide which can be found on the pianoscaper.com website. This is also the best place to ask questions, get technical support or report any issues.

Happy pianoscaping!

*** Special note for moodscaper owners ***

While pianoscaper is very similar to the current version of moodscaper, it is not intended to be a replacement. Development of moodscaper will continue, and moodscaper will remain my flagship generative app, eventually gaining the advanced features you’ve all been patiently waiting for, such as MIDI and better sample import etc. Think of pianoscaper as a lightweight (and cheaper) alternative for those who don’t require the advanced bells and whistles. Pianoscaper also came about because I was inundated with requests to make an app similar to moodscaper that sounded less “intense” and more relaxing and I hope I’ve managed to do that. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

pianoscaper costs $2.99 on the app store:


Drummy gets iMessage support

Nice to see another app get iMessage support. I think it’s great. The more we can get music making into alternative platforms the better.

Of course you can still use Drummy as a native app too and it has 14 Drum Kits and Sound Effects an integrated 8 track mixer to balance your tracks to perfection, 16 or 32 steps sequencer, IAA, AB, and MIDI learn.

Drummy costs $1.99 on the app store now:


Sonic Logic 2.0 is a massive update to this excellent controller app

Some releases are big, some are really big, but this update for Sonic Logic is pretty much into the epic category. Here’s what’s new:

  • New User Interface – Everything has been redesigned.
  • Import and Export – Share your Sonic Logic files with other users.
  • Easy New Element Assignments – Create elements faster! More presets and easy configurations for new elements.
  • Copy & Paste – Copy elements between screens and configurations and paste them with intelligent MIDI mapping.
  • Knobs – Sonic Logic now has rotor control.
  • New Note and MIDI CC Assignment screens – easily map and change note and CC elements, broadcast the new values right from the edit screen for fast mapping.
  • Improved Bluetooth Performance – Sonic Logic 2 sends data faster and more efficiently over Bluetooth.
  • Group Edit – Group edit screen can change the appearance of groups and perform bulk MIDI changes (like transpose or MIDI channel change).
  • iPad Pro Support – iPad Pro devices with large screen are fully supported and can take full advantage of the large screen creating large MIDI setups.
  • Improved Edit Screens – Edit screens have been rethought and redesigned to provide a simple but powerful experience.

* iCloud support is disabled for this version, but it will make a very swift comeback soon🙂

Sonic Logic 2.0 is available on the app store and costs $9.99: