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Welcome to Palm Sounds. If you’ve got here then you’re interested in making music on any kind of mobile device. That’s great. If you’re new to making music on a portable device, then check out the ‘Getting Started’ guide here.

What is PalmSounds about?
The blog has up to date news and opinion about new mobile music making apps and hardware on the iPhone, iPad, Android and other platforms including Palm, Windows Mobile and anything else that can be used to make music on the go.

Who is PalmSounds?
PalmSounds was created by me (Ashley) in 2006 when mobile music creation was really still in it’s infancy.

How can I connect in to the PalmSounds world?
You can connect to PalmSounds in a variety of ways, via Twitter, Facebook, or if you use an RSS reader the PalmSounds feed it here. Also, if you want to connect to me on Linkedin then click here.

You can also get in touch via email at: ashley [at] palmsounds [dot] net if you have news or want to let me know about your new app, or just to say hello!

Palm Sounds does other stuff too …
Apart from being the longest running mobile music blog Palm Sounds gets involved in lots of other stuff too. Mainly mobile related of course. Here’s a couple of examples of the things I get involved in:

  • SoundLab – A project helping people with learning difficulties create music and collaborate with others to make music.
  • Music Tech Pitch 4.5 – An event for Music Tech Start ups to pitch their ideas

If you’ve got a project you’d like me to be involved with then please feel free to drop me a line using the email address above.


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