iPads going for silly money on eBay

I took a curious look on eBay to see how much iPads were going for. I was amazed to see these things going for almost £600 for a 16gb model. Surely no one is that desperate to get their hands on one in the UK?

iPads on eBay

2 responses to “iPads going for silly money on eBay”

  1. johnnyg0 says :

    The thing has been marketed as the second coming of jesus, even Apple used a Moses analogy on the day of the ipad's announcement (http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2010/01/apple-creation-0071-rm-eng.jpg), so yeah people with a lot of money who don't care spending a lot of money on that kind of stuff will get it..

    I remember the Beatles at the time got troubles when they said they were bigger than Jesus.. but it was ok for Apple to use the same metaphor..


  2. Anonymous says :

    Oh good. Then maybe there's an opportunity to unload mine without losing my shirt.


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