Flourish for iPhone


Composing Music with Flourish from Explore and Create on Vimeo.

A new music app that looks a lot like a game (to me anyway). Here’s how it describes itself:

Explore, play and create music intuitively with Flourish. A beautiful toy and an elegant tool. With Flourish, you will quickly build expressive, diverse and complex musical compositions.

Flourish represents musical phrases as physical loops:

  • Record loops with expressive multi-touch keyboards.
  • Generate percussive and melodic sequences.
  • Build arrangements by ear or by eye.
  • Select from a consonant collection of instruments.
  • Sequence loops by connecting them in chains.

Flourish at the app store:

7 responses to “Flourish for iPhone”

  1. Marlene DeGrood says :

    I think I like …. off to buy :)


  2. Palm-Sounds says :

    Let me know what you think Marlene, really keen to get your opinion on it


  3. Marlene DeGrood says :

    Had to spend the past hour with a lousy internet connection downloading the new iPhone OS since this app requires it ….. may fall asleep tonight testing it out but will I'll get back with an opinion eventually.


  4. dcp says :

    Bought it right away because the chain pattern feature with the “pattern clouds” looked very promising… and i haven't been dissappointed, after playing with it a bit i would say it's good for some cool and complex patterns…


  5. Cody says :

    I just bought it, but it requires firmware 3.1.3, which I haven't upgraded to yet. I jailbroke my phone to get tethering; then decided I didn't care and unjailbroke it. I've read that Apple can tell if you've jailbroken your phone IF you haven't totally restored it. I haven't done that yet. So, out of fear of problems (and the annoyance of losing all app data), I haven't updated yet. So, I guess it'll be a while before I can play with Flourish.


  6. uncentered says :

    To me looks cool and not too toy like at all..


  7. the6thduke says :

    Awesome! What makes Bhajis any different from Flourish? Looking forward to seeing how this develops. :)


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