TRAXXPAD: Sample Line OUT to Line IN , WITHOUT microphone

Good traxxpad video showing how to get samples in via line in.

4 responses to “TRAXXPAD: Sample Line OUT to Line IN , WITHOUT microphone”

  1. Anonymous says :

    that shit dont work for all psp.


  2. Theodore says :

    I’m having probles doing it, what size memory card doi need. i have a 32mb is that to small. my psp will not record, please help……


  3. Palm-Sounds says :

    I’m really sorry, but I don’t own a PSP so I can’t help out on this one.


  4. Jase M says :

    As far as Memory Card Size, it all depends on how long the sample you want to use is. A long sample will need more space to record. Also, if you have a lot of files on your Memory Card already, you could try and clear them out and then try and sample. As far as the recording goes, you just use the headphone adapter that came with the PSP (or if you got it used, you’ll have to pick up one at your local electronics or game store) and connect a 1/8″ plug into the headphone jack and connect another 1/8″ plug (or RCA or whatever the plug is on the device you’re trying to sample from) into the audio source. Just remember the delay and unless you have a mixer or headphone distributor amp of some sort, you probably won’t be able to hear the sample as it plays.


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