Video: Tutorial: Setup Inter-Device Audio for iPhone and iPad

Video description:

“Here is a short tutorial showing you how to setup Inter-Device-Audio on OSX 10.11 with your iPhone or iPad. The feature works only in combination of OSX 10.11 and IOS 9”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

SoundPrism Link Edition on the app store:

Video: Elastic Drums step recording update 1.7.2

Following the update which I posted about this morning here’s a little video (only a minute) to show the new ‘live’ step recording.

Video description:

“Here is a short introduction of the new “live” step recording mode of update 1.7.2″

Video published by Oliver Greschke.

Elastic Drums on the app store:

Spinphony 1.5.1 is here

Here’s what’s new in Spinphony:

“Spinphony’s start screen now defaults to your last saved Spinphony image.
After ‘Scratching’ the Spinphony disk for longer than 2 seconds it will snap to the previous speed and direction. You can still swipe the disk as you normally would to change its speed.
UI in Auto chord Edit screen redesigned.
Bug fixes.”

Actually Spinphony is a pretty amazing app and really needs a bit more focus, from me, and it’s definitely worth you taking a look at it as it is a heap of fun to play with and you can easily share stuff with it too.

So I’ll probably post something bigger about Spinphony in the not too distant future.

Spinphony on the app store:

Songtree gets updated to version 1.6

Songtree 1.6 brings …

  • New feature: intoduced badges for the best people of the community
  • You can now edit your track descriptions
  • Tap to zoom user avatar (in artist page)
  • Song notes are now expandable
  • AudioCopy3 SDK
  • Fixed player controls when Songtree is in background
  • Minor bugs fixed

Songtree on the app store:

Elastic Drums 1.7.2 arrives

Elastic Drums has been updated to version 1.7.2. Here’s what’s new:

  • Audiobus state save
  • „Live record“ step mode
  • Newest Ableton Link version 1.0.1
  • Midi sync improvement: Reacting to Midi clock continue in addition to Midi clock start
  • Midi sync improvement: Sending Song pos pointer 0 with stop, when sending external sync
  • Midi sync improvement: Midi clock out is now in sync with Ableton Link

Elastic Drums on the app store:

Video: Teenage Engineering “Pocket Mixer”… Say What?!

Video description:

“The demo explains everything really, but to make it quick I made a mixer and sync distribution device to use all 6 currently available Pocket Operators at the same time with an audio mixer and 1/4” out jack. Fun! If you like what you see let me know in the comments. With enough demand I may make these with powder coated case, silk screen and color coded knobs.

For the curious – Technically this is a passive summing mixer with 100K Pots and 10K summing resistors. The sync is simply split from the input jack to the output jacks with one single copper wire. Easy peasy. I will use Log (audio taper) pots in the final design. Pan and stereo outs would be hard without adding active circuitry.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. You can do it! Thanks for stopping by to check out another one of my projects captured on video.”

Video published by djthomaswhite.

You can find his drawings for this device here. It’s a nice idea, and a good start. I’d like to see it in a smaller form though really.

I’ve been meaning to post a link to this article for ages

I wrote this piece about song writing on mobile (albeit mainly iOS) a little while ago, and have been meaning to post a link to it ever since! You’ll probably find a lot that you already know in it, but it’s also well worth having a look around the Easy Ear Training site itself, and having a look at their own apps. There’s some very useful stuff there.

Video: KORG M01 – Get Wild

Video published by Masami Hashimoto.

Always good to see some M01 on a DS.

Some samples from the Victoria line and the liberal use of Klevgränd apps

Some time ago I found this set of samples from the Victoria Line (that’s part of the London Underground network) which is intended for use by anyone who wants to make a track using the samples. So, eventually, I have, and I’d encourage you to take a look and download them too.

Anyway, that happened to coincide with getting a bunch of apps from the very awesome Klevgränd Produktion AB, who’s apps are really amazing, and I’d also encourage you to check their stuff out. More of that in a moment.

What I ended up doing is making this track:

How I went about it is as follows:

  • Firstly I loaded the samples into AudioShare and played them on loop via Audiobus into Kuvert then on to be recorded into MultiTrack DAW. To really understand how good Kuvert is you need to try it out, it is truly amazing and is in my top 3 effects apps now after one use!
  • Next I decided to further process the track using R0Verb (a really interesting reverb which I need to spend more time with), Svep (chorus and phaser), and finally Korvpressor, which is amazing!

So this track is as much about these apps as it is the original sample, but that’s fine. I think it’s a good way to discover this sample set, which I think I’ll explore a lot more, and these apps, which are, quite frankly, amazing.

Video: Inter-Device-Audio with SoundPrism Link Edition

Video description:

“Today, the developer of the free app midimittr released a new server software which include this famous new technology Inter-Device Audio. This enable the possibility to transfer direct audio from your iPad via the lightning cable. The technology is only available for users of OSX 10.11 El Capitan. This demo demonstrate how good already this technology works with the new app from Audanika: SoundPrism Link Edition”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

SoundPrism Link Edition on the app store:


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